Crossing By Mark Slouka Summary

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Crossing Nature is many things. It’s one of the realist places to be. Nature won’t lie to you or adjust the reality just so it will please you. Nature doesn’t care, it does what it wants and then you’d just have to deal with it. It challenges you, forces you to face the reality and most important of all, it makes you confront your deepest fears and get answers for questions, you didn’t even know you had. ‘Crossing’ is a short story written by Mark Slouka. It’s about a father, who’s going on a field trip with his son. The father is divorced and hasn’t been happy for a long time, but the nostalgia about the trip, which he also went on with his own father, and having to spend time with his son, makes him feel happy. On the way home from the trip, they have to cross a river. The father slips multiple times with his son on his back, causing a deadly situation, which forces him to face the realities of life and take action. The short story is told with a third person limited narrator and from the father’s point of view. The narrator is descriptive, the surroundings are all very well described, and there’s both indirect and direct speech throughout the story. The indirect speech is often used when the father thinks back on conversations he had earlier in his life. The father’s feelings and thoughts are introduced to the reader in a way that reflects the father’s state of…show more content…
The father is forced into a life or death situation and during that he rediscovers his love for his son, which is what makes him keep fighting the river. Love made him stronger. We will never know whether or not they survived, but we do know, that the tough collision between the father, nature and the inevitable consequence of life that is death, all created something
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