Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center: Case Study

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Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, located in Greenfield, New Hampshire, is a combined School, Hospital, and outpatient clinic. The campus’ 1,400 acres hold an aquatic center, residential housing, therapy gyms and fitness centers, as well as the longest accessible trails in a mountain environment, in the nation. The mission of the agency as stated in their website is, “Serving individuals with disabilities and their families, embracing personal choice and development, and building communities of mutual support” (Crotched Mountain, n.d.).
The purpose behind combining so many facilities into one agency is so that an individual can complete their rehabilitation at one site. Crotched Mountain Rehab provides a “continuum of care” ensuring
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The school works most directly with individuals, aged 8-21who have Autism or emotional or behavioral disorders while also providing services for individuals with brain injuries, cerebral palsy, neurological conditions, and also rare genetic and metabolic conditions that often lead to physical or developmental disabilities (Crotched Mountain, n.d.). Due to the potential of comorbid diagnoses with many of these specific conditions, the staff is also equipped for several other conditions including anxiety disorders, seizure disorders, ADD or ADHD, sensory impairments, speech and language conditions, as well as spinal cord impairments. The rehab hospital specializes in working with several conditions that fall under the broad category of brain injuries as well as several rehabs including stroke, spinal cord, pediatric, orthopedic, and cognitive. Crotched also provides ventilator management and various outpatient treatments. Judging by the amount of information available on these services from the agency’s website, it seems three specific conditions most frequently involving therapeutic recreation in the course of treatment include brain injuries, Autism, and Cerebral Palsy (Crotched Mountain, n.d.). The following pages include a more detailed description of the top 3 diagnoses found in the treatment programs at the

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