Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Analysis

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Globalization is something that every country cannot avoid. Every day, various businesses, people, and countries are becoming more connected through technology. China is no exception that notion. Throughout the years, China has slowly become more globalized by way of the mix of so socialist/capitalist ideas and the modernization of buildings/organizations. These mixture of ideals comes from a clash between both the old fashion and modern style caused by globalization. Due to China’s globalization efforts and the blend of different era ideals, the movies that were made during that time showed a response to such occurrence. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon by Ang Lee and Crazy English by Zhang Yuan both are a response to that of globalization in China, and can be further…show more content…
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon being about a girl named Jen who is bored with her current lifestyle and wishes for excitement while Crazy English is about Li Yang and his mass recitations to strengthen China ideals. Despite this difference, both movies have similar ideas/themes on globalization that can be seen when viewed in this manner. Which not only helps one understand the globalization of China and how it evolved, but in grasping better knowledge on the films themselves in both form and subject matter. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon by Ang Lee is an indirect response to globalization in China. This indirect response is due to how the film does not necessarily attempt to comment on globalization precisely, but encompasses various elements and themes that could only be a response to China’s globalization during that time. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon follows the story of Jen and her desire for an exhilarating and non-traditional lifestyle. Jen is young, impulsive, rash, rejects traditional ideals and thinks differently to that of the older characters of the movie. Due to these reasons, Jen encompasses the form of a modern

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