Crow Lake Summary

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“Student” and “Crow Lake” these two articles both talked about the relationship between teachers and students. Wayman, the teacher in “Student”, he insisted on attracting his students’ interests, but it didn’t work out very well. Katie, the teacher in “Crow Lake”, she recalled a childhood experience during her class, it came out that students got bored by her voice. Wayman tried very hard on helping students learn better, but the students only care about their grades instead of learning things. Katie tried to teach her students, but there had no connections between Katie and the student. In both articles, the teacher showed no connections with students. However, Wayman didn’t give up on helping his students but Katie did walk away from her class.
Through the introduction, we can see Wayman is a good teacher and patient enough with his students. He understand his students and tried to help
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Katie tried to teach her students, but they got tired with her voice. In “Crow Lake,” Katie said that, “Teaching I don’t enjoy at all. I don’t understand them. They don’t seem to take anything seriously.” Katie didn’t enjoy teaching and she couldn’t understand why her students don’t like learning. She didn’t know what to do. “And I suddenly had such a vivid flashback that I completely lost my train of thought.” She talked about a childhood experience with her brother Matt. I think she was trying to get the student into learning, but that got the student feel boring instead. The entire lesson, she couldn’t build connections with her students. At the end of the class, she saw her students were yawning and sleeping. “I said, ‘I’m sorry. I’ve been boring you.’ I packed up my notes and left the room.” After she saw the situation of the class, she left the class as a result. Katie didn’t understand students enough and she didn’t build a connection with students so that she found it’s hard to teach this class anymore, she gave up at the
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