The Objectives Of Crowair PLC

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“Decision making is a process to choose the best solution among many alternatives.” To see if a decision is acceptable or good depends on the objectives or the goals of the management. The objective of Crowair Plc is to provide basic services that aims in lowering the cost of the company. To achieve the objective of the company, the management has to go through the process of decision making which is a collaboration between planning and controlling. Planning involves carefully examining the objectives or the goals of an organization and formulating realistic, clear and detailed plan on how to achieve these goals. Planning prepares the organization for tomorrow by examining what an organization wants to achieve today and how it will go about accomplishing that objective. The process of planning involves:  Identifying the objectives  Collecting information regarding the alternatives  Evaluating and choosing the feasible alternative  Implementing the decision Controlling is a managerial activity in order to monitor the implementation of the plan and to make curative…show more content…
According to recent reports Paris holds 3rd position as the most visited city by tourists therefore the demand for flights to Paris will be high. Since the distance is less as compared to the other route the fuel cost will be reduced. The lease rental cost will be more comparatively since per unit cost of the other alternative will be lesser than this as the usage of the aircraft is increased by operating 2 flights to Edinburg. Even though there is a high demand the costs incurred will be high as compared to the other alternative since this service requires startup and advertising costs. To keep up with the competition to provide services to Paris route the company has to provide more additional services to get competitive advantage which will increase the costs of the company. The revenue earned will not be sufficient to cover the high
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