The Crowdsourcing Model

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Crowdsourcing has become popular with perspectives, such as users involvement in company’s communication activities as well as various crowd-funding models. Brabham (2008, p. 75) defines crowdsourcing as an online, distributed problem solving and production model applied by business organizations, for example, iStockphoto. Brabham further explains that speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds’ theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. As such, people likely participate in crowdsourcing ventures to gain peer recognition and to develop creative skills. Further definition indicates that crowdsourcing is a strategic model to attract an interested, motivated crowd of individuals capable of providing solutions superior in…show more content…
It also involves dividing big jobs into small units. The company can also put the units on the Internet to allow members of crowd do tasks with all workers ultimately get paid. This form of crowdsourcing can be applied in marketing, especially in advertising where it is used to bring in more people to focus on a certain advertisement brief. From one ad, the marketers will receive a variety of videos from which to choose. The success of the generated work depends on the diversity of people involved thus allowing the marketers to get outsiders with fresher and novel perspectives for creating an authentic…show more content…
The participation of the crowds is entirely voluntary since they do not have defined roles and specific responsibilities as the case in advertising agencies. Besides intrinsic motivation spurs creativity thus indicating the power of crowdsourcing since when intrinsically motivated people think free from constraints without taking risks with their ideas.
Therefore, the crowdsourcing conception has been popular in marketing regarding customer establishment and facilitating exchanges. Mostly, crowdsourcing involves using the Internet as the communication, especially with marketing related activities, for example, marketing campaigns, video contests for TV or online commercials, design contests for products, application contests. Through crowdsourcing, marketers are now reassess the value that they bring to clients, in an age where brand managers can easily go directly to consumers
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