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Crown of the bride is a shop for wedding parties located in WadiAL_Tayeen in AL_Sharqia region. Our business specializes in providing a high quality of servicesranging from building bride’s stage, Dj, taking photos and designing albums.Crown of the bride caters to the girls who live in villages and their ages ranging from (20- 35) years old.Our company image exemplifies what customer are seeking in hard working to make the wedding night different and fictional for brides as much as possible dependent on lifestyle.What differentiates our company from other shops are the designing and building bride’s stages services.We offer other free services for brides (“unique and first of its kind “)to make customers more satisfied and comfortable.…show more content…
The company also offers a show filmed the bride using a Canon camera high-tech and modifies images using computer techniques and collected in an album. In addition to the free services offered to the bride.

Below is a simple explanation of the services provided by Company:
a. Bride theater design: a small place to sit,in front of the bride's attendants. Designed in a way that combines traditional and modern lifestyle. Formation of wooden poles and comfortable sofa soft and colorful fabrics shiny. Forms and sizes of theater vary depending on what you choose the bride. Prices ranging between 150.000 to 300.000 R.O.
b. DJ:Large system controls the music and tones chosen by the bride's management in advance. The cost of borrowed equivalent to 70.000
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The allocation of services: where these services are allocated a certain class of society, to be implemented after the request by the customer and are pre-pay for services.
2. Design and photo editing service:As this service modifies pre-images captured for the bride by programs such as Photoshop and photo Shine and makeit more beautiful.
3. Modern design using traditional methods Service: This service provides a range of modern and traditional designsways are interested in building bride’stheater indifferent shapes and sizes. It is also designed on request.
4. The identity of the company's slogan:will feature all our products and services, which we do by the company logo (crown of the bride).The company logo is a cornerstone for our project. Where it occupies 50% of the fundamentals that underpin the company at this time. The strengthening logo customers to feel comfortable with buying high quality services
*Key Competitive weakness:
1.The lack of multiple services at the moment: as the company at present offers approximately 3 g Services specializes in weddings, but we have put a lot in the future plan of the services to be provided by the company serve weddings in

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