Crucial Conversations Summary

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REPORT CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS The book “Crucial Conversations” written by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler is a book that teach us how to handle and be prepare when crucial conversations arrive. Usually, those take place in the most unexpected moment, and it can take us by surprise generating an uncomfortable atmosphere. They are crucial because the stakes are high it is important haw to react and recognize this crucial moments, so we have to be assertive, intelligent and try to control our space in the situation with positive results. Even if the results are not positive, it is essential because it can impact the quality of our lives. According to the book they define crucial conversations as “the discussion between two people” and generally it happens in three occasions. First as I said before, the stakes are high, second when opinions vary and the emotions run a strong role. We have to understand that all starts…show more content…
Sharing our thoughts it’s decisive and all our speech has to be explain the root of the problem with facts based on the reality, otherwise we can retract into silence or violence. This book has been extremely useful for me, because it has taught me how to maintain control in those crucial moments, probably it is easier for me know to spot those with the reactions like silence or violence which are attitudes that usually we know that happen but probably what I did not know is that it happens when the person doesn’t feel safe, that’s the key. Normally, when we don’t know the strategies it is harder for us to identify what we are doing wrong, therefore we can make numerous mistakes. We have to bear in mind that always has to prevail the mutual respect and the mutual purpose to have a fruitful crucial conversation. Therefore, mastering this skill of effective communication can make a difference in all the aspects in our
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