Crucial Issues In Fashion

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COVER PAGE Final Essay Crucial Issues facing the image of the Fashion Industry Shaikha Abdulla ID: 0/46889 Group: C Submitted to: Ian Shears 11/5/2016 Crucial Issues facing the image of the Fashion Industry Fashion is freedom, comfort, change, religion, practice, and what you are. To girls, fashion is everything, hair, decoration, clothing, and behavior. Fashion is not just about clothing, it’s a manner of doing something. However, fashion is a popular style mostly in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, and body. A rule in the fashion industry which a style does not call a fashion until it gains acceptance from the customers. In my opinion, fashion is expressing me, comfort, classifying myself and a language that tells a story…show more content…
Inequality is the biggest problem warning in the world economy and needs to be dealt with now. Clothes that are extremely expensive that even middle-level class can't afford to buy them, but only someone who’s rich can. Inequality is the main cause of poverty. If inequality kept ignored then it’ll be a global poverty that will affect a huge percentage of the world’s population and will continue and will continue to spread until a serious action is taken against it. A majority of people cannot afford to buy expensive fashion items and accessories. However, for those how can afford to buy those expensive fashion items gives them a level of status and glamour. Furthermore, already half of the world over three billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. When speaking of inequality, there is another issue that cannot be ignored is racism in fashion. Nowadays, so much has been discussed today about bias against “non-white” people in the fashion world. If fashion made for people and meant to show you and identify yourself then it should represent them, including their racial diversity. The number of “non-white” people on the runways is still negatively low. Hence, almost a billion people as well move in 21 century not able to read a book or sign their names. The amount of responsibility of countries that feel to deal with the problem of inequality is low which one of the…show more content…
What I mean by recycling is that fashion should transport those clothes, sell them, use them, and finally recycling them, for example selling second-hand clothes. This will save the world economy and will help low-classes level to buy those fancy clothes. I'm not saying buy them at an extremely cheap price all I'm saying is sell them with a reasonable amount. There are major brands like Nike, H&M, and Patagonia offers to recycle. For the animal’s case, the government must put an end to them who can’t stop the killing for animal fur by policies or law that in case they keep doing this sin they end up in jail or execution. And we as citizens should raise a campaign against this non-human violence toward an animal. After so many researching it finds out New York is the only state that their government announced electrocute is illegal. A group of North American brands and retailers work hard to improve safety in Bangladesh hand- made factories of cloth. The key for models to develop positive body image is to recognize and respect her natural body shape and have to learn to defeat those negative thoughts and feelings with positive, and accepting yourself and body. It’s not important how people see us or whether we fit someone else standard. Moreover, exercising frequently is an interesting way. A model name Crystal Renn

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