Reflection On A Crucible Event

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In many circumstances, everyone believes that successful life events are the milestone that transforms people into better societies. Psychologist Abraham Maslow found that tragedy and trauma are the most important human learning experiences, which enable people to learn that life is uncertain and that they have limited control over events. My leadership crucible event came in the summer of July 2012. A month after I married my best friend, my 28-year-old sister was involved in a fatal rollover near San Angelo, TX. The event made me revaluate life and gave me a whole new perspective of the future. Informing my parents about the incident has been one of the most challenging events I have ever experienced. This personal crisis was my leadership…show more content…
Being an Officer for the last ten years, I’ve realized how much stock my family has invested in me. Relationships are very important in any organization, especially in the Army. In some instances, a lot of Officers and Soldiers consider themselves family. Interpersonal relationships have a direct effect on the organization’s culture and are the reason why military units become so close in todays contemporary battlefields. After my crucible event, I realized that we have to take the time and start investing in the people that share the same values and beliefs that we do. A lot of Soldiers want to do the right thing, but at times require the right person to lead them. John Kotter in the book, “Leading Change”, states that if employees have a shared sense of purpose, it will be easier to initiate actions to achieve that purpose. Bringing your subordinates and communicating your intent repetitively will create a shared understanding that will align the whole organization towards the same goals. In any organization we need to ensure that we retain the ones that share the same beliefs and values in order to maintain and strengthen our culture. Kotter explains that culture is powerful because individuals are selected and indoctrinated so well, culture exerts itself through the actions of hundreds or thousands of people, and because all this happens without much conscious intent and…show more content…
Events in my life led me to embrace self-development in every opportunity that became available. We learn from the past and try to become better during the present so we can be better for it in the future. During my tenure as an ROTC instructor, I had the opportunity to earn a Master in Business Administration from a respected university. Within any organization, adopting self-development is vital in improving the performance of any team. Providing self-development opportunities not only aligns the organization’s vision but also provides assistance that is in the best interest of Soldiers and leaders. It allows you to experience who you really are and the purpose you wish to pursue. Investing in your organization through Soldier development not only enhances your organization but also increases morale and self-worth. It allows empowerment and promotion within creating and preparing future
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