Crucible Event In Life

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In many circumstances, everyone believes that successful life events are the milestone that transforms people into better societies. Psychologist Abraham Maslow found that tragedy and trauma are the most important human learning experiences, which enable people to learn that life is uncertain and that they have limited control over events. My leadership crucible event came in the summer of July 2012. A month after I married my best friend, my 28-year-old sister was involved in a fatal rollover near San Angelo, TX. The event made me revaluate life and gave me a whole new perspective of the future. Informing my parents about the incident has been one of the most challenging events I have ever experienced. This personal crisis was my leadership…show more content…
Letting go of the past and the ability to embrace change have enhance my life exponentially. There have been numerous events in my past that have made it very difficult for me not to revisit the past. I’ve expended so much energy reminding myself of my mistakes and losses, not realizing how much of my present joy and happiness it was taking away. Life is diminutive and unpredictable for us to allow our past experiences to paint our future. Since we can’t change our past, we have to be able to let go, learn from it and move forward. The ability to embrace change became a challenge after my crucible event. Change is not always good, but we have to accept it knowing that when one door closes another one will open. My last assignment relocated my family from South Texas to Upstate New York. My family and I were not ready for the change but we embraced it, resulting in it being the best assignment thus far. We made friends, grew professionally and found new hobbies that would have never manifested unless we accepted change. In any organization, change is inevitable. Leaders have to be able to adapt and ensure that their subordinates embrace change and understand the commander’s vision. In order to capture this positive emotional energy, leaders must look for the elements of the culture that are aligned to the change, bring them to the foreground, and attract the attention of the people who will be affected by the change. Some of the steps that I have adopted in order to facilitate in an organization is repetition and leading by

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