Crucible Reverend Hale

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Whenever you have the odds on your side, are you confident or sure of yourself? That’s the case with Reverend Hale, he just so happens to be the most courageous. He traveled from Beverly to help the town of Salem rid the talk of witchcraft The confidence of Beverly’s own Reverend Hale is outstanding, he arrived to Salem with the utmost confidence. He also arrived with books on how to stop witchcraft, he was prepared and determined to put an end to the hysteria around Salem. Once he got settled he asked for help to carry his books, Reverend Parris decided to help, in response he told Hale the books were heavy; Hale responded arrogantly “The must be They are weighed with authority”(Miller.1.712). Parris asked why he brought so many books and Hale told him “We shall study hard”(Miller.1.714). That is pure determination and such a fearless attitude to have, nobody else…show more content…
Didn’t beat around the bush whatsoever and cut straight to the chase. Once he found out Tituba was with the girls dancing in the forest he interrogated her and got her to talk, no one in Salem could do that. Tituba was put on the spotlight once Hale had somewhat of a talk with Abigail Williams, in my opinion she’s the one who started all this, she has the power to manipulate anyone she pleases; but it would work on Reverend Hale .When the hysteria started to build up around Salem, they townspeople started to panic and each individual were starting to get even more scared day by day. Hale also thinks before he acts, plans each move precisely; Hale once stated “We cannot look to superstition into this, the devil is precise; the marks of his presence are definite as stone”(Miller.1.752-754). His determination is also stellar, he was willing to free Tituba from the devil’s “spell” once she agreed to confess the sins she’s committed; stated “I cannot tell if she is truly in the Devil’s grip, we may have to rip and tear her
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