Crucible Speech For The Salem Witch Trials

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Today, Your Honour we are here to exonerate the wrongfully convicted men and women of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials of Massachusetts. Men and women were accused of witchcraft, 19 well respectable people were hung. As we know religion has no place in court, therefore eliminating the conclusion of witchcraft. Leaving us to look for other reasons and motives that appeal to human emotion such a s fear, greed and jealousy. Emotions like this led to the deaths in Salem.
Fear leaves us afraid and frightened. Fear is unpleasant and it is only “human nature” to want to get rid of the feeling. Reverend Samuel Parris, before the Salem witch trials started, had the power to prevent the trials from happening, set things straight. But he feared as a Reverend the he was not setting a proper example, with Abigail his niece and his daughter dancing in the woods. He feared if the truth got out that he would lose his status, his power, his strength. To escape this feeling, rather than face the truth, he lied and went along with the story that the girls were “possessed”. Now Reverend Parris feared embarrassment, awkward of ashamed feeling. But is does not compare to the fear of your life. This led to the “confessions” that were lies. As I said before fear is a horrible feeling and most would do anything to avoid or get rid of the emotion. Let’s say you were faced with a situation where you were accused of doing something and the penalty was death. The only way to get out of the gruesome penalty
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