Crucible Vs Mccarthyism

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The Crucible is Inspired by the McCarthy time the 1950’s, Arthur Miller’s play, mainly focused the Salem witch trials, carelessness that can result from desires, and pleasure for others. Arthur Miller bases the play on historical things of the Salem witch trials. He starts of the play with Revered Samuel Parris’ daughter, his niece Abigail, the slave Tituba, and some village girls dancing in the woods. Rather than suffer punishment for their actions, the girls accused other women and men of witchcraft. The girls say that they saw the other people practicing witchcraft. The girls avoided their punishments by accusing others of the things they were guilty of. This childish finger-pointing resulted in the town becoming paranoid and they feared…show more content…
During this time Americans feared the invasion of Communism. The Soviet Union was growing in power. Americans began to feel that they were surrounded by a Communist threat. Joseph McCarthy, U.S Senator, made claims that there are more than 200 “card carrying” members of the government living amongst the people. Just like the girls in the Crucible the girls made claims that certain men and women were witches they didn’t have proof either. Joseph McCarthy made claims that ruined lived and lead to increased to hostility, same as Abigail and the other girls made claims that ruined lives. In conclusion Arthur Miller was commenting on the behavior of society, comparing the Salem witch Trials within the McCarthy hearings in the 1950’s, when the United States Government sought to identify any Americans were Communists or Communist protectors and friends. The problem for either side is never solved only by the ending of persecution of people with no
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