Crucifix Christ Figure Comparison Essay

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Christian art visualizes art from Christianity. Many sculptures, of christian art show religious images or scenes from the life of Christ. However, the two sculptures I’am comparing and contrasting are the sculptures of Christ. In which, show imagery from Christianity.
The Crucifix, sculpture from 1150 BCE and later, that is referred to as Corpus symbolizes an image of Jesus sacrifice on a cross. The Corpus of Christ sculpture from the 13th century symbolizes, the humanity of christ and the suffering of the Crucifixion. The Crucifix describes a figure made of gilded copper and enamel material. While the Corpus of Christ describes a figure made of wood with, traces of material. Crucifix, hangs from a long cross made of the same material as the sculpture with blue shading, between the
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The design patterns on the cross look like inlaid designs with an engraving of words that reads (IHC.NAZA RENVS.REX IV DEORVM). The Corpus, of Christ figure also hangs from a cross that is made of wood. Yet, the cross presented is not apart of the actual sculpture. Both, sculptures hang from their cross in a “S” shaped position with the arms raised high and the hands nailed to the cross. The legs on the Crucifix sculpture are bent slightly to the left, with the feet nailed to the cross. The Corpus of Christ legs are also bent to the left, crossed over and nailed to the cross. The size of the Crucifix figure looks very small while, the Corpus of Christ figure looks taller. The head of the Crucifix figure hangs low and is shaped like a huge walnut, with a long pointed chin. The Corpus of Christ head is shaped kind of similar, but the head is held up and slightly tilted to the left. The two sculptures eyes are closed as well, but the Crucifix eye shape looks small and upturned. As the Corpus of Christ eye shape looks round and drooping. The nose of the

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