Oil Distillation Lab Report

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Rediet Legese iLab Week # 6 CRUDE OIL DISTILLATION Introduction: The aim of this week lab experiment is to experiment distill crude oil and to check how temperature determine the chemical properties of crude oil plus how the boiling point can also show physical properties. They are two major finding in this experiment. he first finding was the point at which the raw petroleum is heated to the point of boiling, at 275 0C, the gas and kerosene oil are refined, however the oil (lubricant ) stays as an unrefined feature oil. Another finding was that the oil at the gasoline stage was brown pinkish and for kerosene it became a grey. Procedure: Step 1: Set up the distillation apparatus. ➢ From the Equipment dropdown, select Distillation then…show more content…
Again select the flask and select Distillation Head from the drop down menu. ➢ For the third time select the flask and choose Condenser from Distillation from the menu and for last time select the flask Distillation Take-off from the dropdown option. ➢ Select the 100 mL Graduated Cylinder from the Equipment option and put it underneath of distillation take-off. Note: make sure that you leave space between distillation take-off and the cylinder. This would allow you to observe the drops of the distillate that enter to Graduated Cylinder. Step 2: Begin distillation. ➢ Select the flask, and then choose 50 mL of crude oil from the Chemicals menu. Then, by selecting the flask and choose “Chemical Properties” option from dropdown. NOTE: Record the grams of gasoline, kerosene, and lubricating oils that are present in the 50 mL of crude oil. ➢ Select the flask, and choose Heating Mantel option afterward select Max Heat and make sure you record the temperature when you see crude oil begins to boil. ➢ When the crude oil begins to boil, Make sure you turn the temperature down to 60% by decreasing the heating metal two times. Step 3: Record the…show more content…
the Crude oil also known as petroleum. Crude oil composed naturally from that remaining part of plants and creatures that died millions years ago and fell underneath of the see. Unrefined (Crude oil) contain hydrocarbons and alkanes in it. The hydrocarbon indicates that crude oil only made of hydrogen and carbon atoms. The hydrocarbon has different structure (straight chains, branching, and rings). The gas (gasoline) division is advance cultured and through an assortment of procedures is changed over into the fuel we control our autos with, warmth homes, and cook our nourishment. Certain parts of the gas division are evacuated (depentanized) and others have their substance structure changed (isomerized). A couple dirtying impacts are cleared (desulfurized), and others have portions added to convey the last thing (reformulated fuel). The kerosene oil and fuel oil portion is fundamentally unaltered and utilized as fuel for the trucking and development industry. This portion can likewise be prepared into a forte's portion solvents utilized as a part of assembling

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