Crueella De Vil Is A Villain

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Villains are a vital part to stories. Without a villain in the story there could be no story. Villains cause conflict; Without conflict you can 't even write a story. I have plenty of villains I like but none compare to my favorite. Cruella de Vil is an evil, cunning, manipulative mastermind.

Cruella de Vil is my favorite villain because she 's just so wicked but remains an elegant stature while doing it. She 's a very classy woman. She is the villain in 101 Dalmatians and her goal is to make a fur coat, using the skin of dalmatians! She 's all about high end fashion and will go through great lengths for a new article of clothing. Compared to the protagonist of the story, Pongo, Cruella slightly lacks the intelligence to pull of her master
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