Kathrine In The Movie 'Cruel Intentions'

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A hero in the movie Cruel Intentions is Annete Hargrove. The heroine nature of Annette is illustrated at the end of the movie. Despite the fact that the faced with the demise of her boyfriend, there id freedom with regard to the exposure of the filthy character of Kathrine (Chambers, 2001). The filthy character of Kathrine is portrayed at different instances as shown the following sets of events. The movie begins by portraying the image of social perception of Kathrine who tries to turn Cecil Cardwell to possess similar filthy characters and values like hers (Brown, 2003). The key intension for Kathrine Mertuil is to effect revenge to the Reynolds courts, who was initially her lover but had dumped her in order to have Cecile. She is determined to ensure that Cecile values are corrupted by making her to engage with several men. This intension is aimed at ruining Cecil’s reputation and ensuring a revenge to Reynolds…show more content…
At the same time, Ronald is informed on Cecil relationship with Sebastian. This particular information makes Ronald very furious thus confronting Sebastian at the street. A fight brews up between the two individuals. Annette tries encounters this fight and attempts to end it. A cab hits Sebastian as he tries to make Annette safety after being pushed from away for the scene (Brown, 2003). Sebastian funeral is underway in the New Year’s inauguration of the school. At the funeral, several people are seen to quite Kathrine’s speech making Katherine to head to where journals are being distributed by Cecile. In these particular journals, all the key inner intensions of Sebastian are conclusively elaborated. The journal is very effective in showing the various intensions of Kathrine deceitful and manipulative intensions (Brown, 2003). Katherine’s actions are entirely exposed at the funeral. People are able to note the evil nature of
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