Lalaurie Mansion: Cruel Mistress Of The Haunted House

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Chapter 10

What is the mystery of LaLaurie Mansion? Why do people whisper about torture while referring to the house? Who was Madame LaLaurie and why does she have a terrible reputation?

It would be better to know a little about Madame LaLaurie before we proceed to the events and the hauntings that took place here.

Madame LaLaurie’s name was Marie Delphine. She earned herself the infamous title: ‘Cruel Mistress of the Haunted House’. We will soon find out why. In 1800, Marie married a man called Don Ramon de Lopez. Four years later, they set off on a trip to Spain. Very little is known about the journey, but what we do know is that her husband died in Havana on the way back to Madrid. After her husband’s mysterious death, Marie gave birth
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However, it didn’t last long. The owner noticed that something was happening to his precious furniture – they were often ruined and sometimes covered with a dark, stinky liquid. Furious and convinced that it was the work of vandals in that locality, the owner hid in the store one night with a shotgun in his hand, intent on capturing whoever it was. All night long, not a soul appeared near the store. In the morning, he was shocked to find his furniture soiled and ruined all over again. If no human had entered the building and the furniture had been tampered by some invisible force inside, the owner knew that it was bad news. He closed the shop shortly afterwards.

Ghost tours in LaLaurie mansion in the recent times were common. This was before LaLaurie mansion was sold off as private property. During one such tour, one member who participated happened to be a medium. Even before the tour guide began narrating the story, she had sensed what had happened in various locations of the mansion. At one point she muttered, “Such sadness,” and rocked back on her heels.

As the other members of the tours looked in surprise, she continued, “That bricked up window is not where the little girl fell out. The story goes that Leia fell into the
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