Cruelty Against Women In Society

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The concept of Cruelty is as old as the society is. The cruelty against women in marriage institution is not only restricted to any one socio – economic, ethnic, religion, caste or race. The problem of cruelty against women is not only related to law but it is a social issue also. The concept of equality between male and female was almost hidden to us before the enactment of Constitution. It was believed that women are inferior to men from birth. During legendary period, husband was considered to be next to god and wives were mistreated by men as and when desired .The problem of violence against women is as old as Sita who was kidnapped by Ravan or Draupadi who was publicly tortured by kauravas. “The code of manu directed that a wife should be considered of no more importance than a chattel of her husband. Whether a drunkard, leper, sadist or wife beater husband is to be worshipped as a God”1. Ancient Hindu Law allowed husband to correct his wife by beating her with a rope or to break bamboo ensuring that no bones broke .Hindus men could keep as many wife as they wish and that was not open to objection but as far as wife were concerned that was not possible. The husband keeping mistress is considered to be the sign of his chivalry, manhood and capability. Society also in that case looks upon permissibly while in a case of wife, it is looked upon with distrust. Over the centuries and even today, as we stagger towards 21st century society shamelessly accepts this cruel
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