The Tragedy Of Dionyymus The King-Justice For Pentheus

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Justice for Pentheus He was stripped of his authority. He wasn’t in his right mind. He watched his palace go up in flames. He was ripped apart by his own mother. Poor Pentheus was toyed and tinkered with until his very last breath by none other than his own cousin, Dionysus. His choice, as king of Thebes, to repress the all-powerful god not only lost him his kingdom, but ultimately his life. The Bacchae of Euripides is a true battle between the strength of a king and the power of a god. Dionysus showed no mercy, and his power destroyed a family. He sought revenge, and revenge he got. Dionysus announced to Thebes, “Your lives will wear away like sand” (83). Cruelty and suffering came shooting at Pentheus and his family faster than a bullet.…show more content…
As the ruler of a city, Pentheus was only fulfilling his duties and trying to protect his people from danger. He did not want the life-style for the people of Thebes to shift or modify regarding this stranger who wreaked havoc on the women of the city. Dionysus not only came many years later to pursue his revenge, but he came in disguise. What would convince Pentheus and the people of Thebes that he is a true God? Dionysus, the product of an illicit affair, is immature, fragile, and so power hungry that he lacks any wisdom a typical God would have. He is foolish and angry about his true nature and where he comes from. He lashes out on Pentheus to subdue his embarrassment. Dionysus drives all the women of Thebes mad and running to the mountainside, seemingly unaware that these are his mother, Semele’s, sisters. Who is his reprisal really meant for? I convey the impression that this hate is directed at his own mother, and yet Pentheus and his family are targeted with all of his anger. Pentheus was wise to not trust Dionysus. He messed with him over and over, tormenting a man who couldn’t see his near fate. Dionysus left Pentheus weak, confused, and gullible. He had him under his spell and in a daze, making it very easy to mislead and distract him. He is hallucinating, hardly remembering what he stands for. Ironically, Dionysus and Pentheus are two men confronting a similar character flaw. They are both separate to be the strongest and will not accept anything that doesn’t go their way. However, Dionysus is a God and is aware of how much power he has over mere mortals, making his out lash almost childish. He only used his power to benefit himself and boost his ego. He is so determined to prove his worth and establish his power to Thebes but appears to forget that an entire city will never unite in the worshiping of a God. There will always be somebody who is unholy, and unwilling to
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