Consumption Of Farm Animals Worth The Outcome For Better For Our Economy

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At one point in your life, have you ever thought to yourself how was the meat on your plate produced, and why is it so cheap? Billions of farm animals are consumed every year in the U.S. at cheap costs and endure in conditions that buyers wouldn’t acknowledge. A large portion of our meats originate from meat industries that produce, abuse, and process meat for the public from farms that abuse animals unless the animal was raised organically. The meats that are produced are a necessity for a us omnivores because we eat meat on a daily basis as a source for protein and fat, unless you are vegetarian, or vegan. Now since it’s a necessity for us living beings, is cruelty in animal agriculture worth the outcome for better for our economy? Looking through an economical viewpoint, animal abuse in the meat production is beneficial for consumers that buy meats from the market, farmers that produce the meat due to job creations, and trading with other countries. Without abusing farm animals in the process of producing meats, the economy for the meat production will be slowed down due to the delay of organically raising farm animals such as pigs, cows, chicken, etc... Furthermore, the outcome of the cruelty in animal production has certainly boosted the U.S. economy because it overall benefits the price of meat for everyone from the consumer to farmers. The outcome has benefited mainly the consumers because families are able to purchase these meats that factory farms produce.
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