Cruelty In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Do you think people are simply cruel or do they have a reasoning to be cruel? In the book of Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, many characters show a cruel side of them that was a bit misunderstanding but had their own personal reasons why they acted cruel. The novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, with a very intense storyline is about two best friends named Lennie Small and George Milton who are always on the road looking for work on farms, since they’re planning to own their own farm someday. When luck hits them and find work at a ranch they meet many people at the ranch but everyone doesn’t get along. Sadly in the end when George finds out they wanted to kill Lennie, George ended up killing Lennie himself. Being cruel to someone should…show more content…
But cruelty should never be the answer. A character who I believe shouldn’t use cruelty is George whenever he talks to Lennie. But I understand that George is just trying to help Lennie understand because of how slow Lennie is and how he doesn’t have a mindset of an adult. Like when George calls him a crazy bastard because Lennie is always forgetting things (pg.4). Another charact er who I believe that shouldn’t use cruelty against others is Curley. Just because Curley doesn’t have a wonderful life or always looking for his wife or even just because he likes to tease people he shouldn’t use cruelty against others just for his satisfaction and it’s okay for him. As well as Carlson who really wants to kill Candy’s dog just because he’s old and smelly. Cruelty shouldn’t just be used because it feels right for them.

How can people be simply cruel? A character who I think is simply cruel in general is Curley since he is always complaining about everything and always asking around for his wife who is simply always disappearing. Curley also thought he was higher than everyone just because his father was the boss of the whole entire ranch. Someone to also be just simply cruel is if someone had a rough past and just takes it out on other people and thinks it’s
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