Cruelty In Roald Dahl's Literature

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In this modern era, literature has become a part of the life of people, not only adults but also children. This literature serves not only as a means of entertainment or education but also to organize thought, to test beliefs, to convey what is valued, and to attempt to influence the actions and thoughts of others. It is not surprising that for most of us, early childhood memories include a favorite story. From among the many stories that we have heard or had read to us, there is often one story which we relate best and influence us deeper than the rest, a story that touched an emotional chord, somehow reflecting a keenly felt need, concern, or set of values.

Considering this phenomenon, it has become an important issue for the readers to take a closer look at how story 's subtle meaning influence their values and beliefs. This story stays fresh and whole in our minds. Cruelty has long filled children literature, starting from fairy tales, rhymes and novels, including the ones written by Roald Dahl. Many of Dahl 's books are related to cruelty. Dahl often describes and creates his characters with worst character traits one can imagine in adults. Thus, Dahl makes it easy for his readers to despise his adult characters.

Therefore, the aim of this paper is to analyze the presented cruelty used in two of Dahl 's works: James and the Giant Peach and Revolting Rhymes by offering a close reading of the cruel passages in particular. Cruelty discussed in this paper can be

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