Cruelty In The Novel 'After The First Death'

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Cruelty is a major theme in the novel “After The First Death”.First even though Miro seems like he could be nice, he ends up evil.Second, Artkin had many sides to his cruelty that affected other characters.Lastly,Kate had to become cruel to get what she wanted.Therefore Miro, Artkin, and Kate all did cruel things to accomplish their goals Miro helped a terrorist group hijack a full of children. Miro had a major part in the hijacking. Miro was in charge of killing the person that was driving the bus. Miro was excited and ready because this was his first kill. This shows how cruel Miro was to another human being because he didn 't care about her life at all. A character named Artkin was a part of this terrorist group. He was

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