Essay On Animal Testing

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Animal cruelty is a very cruel subject because animals do not need to be tested on because animal testing and animal experimentation should not happen. Animals do not need to be tested on because they are too scared to try it on themselves so they go and test on innocent little animals because the animals cannot say anything about pain or if they are allergic to the thing they inject them with. Animal cruelty is not humane because experimental research and testing. For experimental research they like to experiment on animals because they don’t want to try the stuff that they use in the animals on their self they use the innocent little creatures that might eventually die from being experimented on so much and them not giving the little animals…show more content…
(Animal experimentation debatabase) Animal testing is used to help save human lives by using the organs to help save the humans for example a pig valve is used to help save a humans heart so they can have a heart to live a cow one will help just as well some of the animals parts can help save a human and some of them cannot be used because they will not work well with a humans body and they will have a hard time trying to find ones that will work for certain humans because some of the things they do may not work for certain people because of their religious beliefs because some people will not want a animal part because it is not in their religion. They will not take an animal part so they can survive they would rather die than take an animal part that is safe because they do not believe in it. Animal testing is a very serious action because the animals feelings can be hurt and they have no way of telling you if you are hurting them or not because they cannot speak for one and they can only whine and bark and even when they are house hold pets we sometimes we still have to try and figure out what they
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