Cruelty: Unidentified Serial Killers

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Friendly And Deadly CAUTION CONTAINS DISTURBING CONTENTS VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED 13+ The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs are Ukranian serial killers. Between June 25, 2007–July 16, 2007, they killed 21 people and attempted to kill 8 others, all with blunt objects. On July 23rd, 2007, Igor Suprunyuk, Viktor Sayenko and Alexander Hanzha were arrested and within the following months were all found guilty. The three men were charged with 29 separate incidents. Igor Suprunyuk was charged with 27 of these cases, including 21 counts of capital murder, eight armed robberies and one count of animal cruelty. Viktor Sayenko was charged with 25 cases, including 18 counts of murder, five armed robberies and one count of animal cruelty. Alexander Hanzha was charged…show more content…
However, Hanzha decided to stop aiding Suprunyuk and Sayenko after two armed robberies even stating "If I had known the atrocities that they were capable of committing, I would have not gone near them at gunpoint." The first two murders occurred late on June 25th, 2007.The first person they killed was a 33-year-old woman named Yekaterina Ilchenko, who was on her way home from having tea with a friend when Suprunyuk spun around and hit her in the head with a hammer he had been carrying. Within less than an hour of the first murder, the pair killed a man named Roman Tatarevich that had been sleeping on a bench near the first crime scene. On July 1st, two more victims, Yevgenia Grischenko and Nikolai Serchuk were found dead in the nearby town of…show more content…
Suprunyuk and Sayenko were arrested near the cash register of the shop. Hanzha was sentenced to nine years in prison and will be released on February 11th of next year. Sayenko and Suprunyuk both were sentenced to life in prison. Many people feel that they were not sentenced fairly, but Ukraine got rid of the death penalty in 2000. Prosecutors never found a motive to the murders, besides “morbid self-affirmation.” Although, one suspects girlfriend claimed they planned to get rich from filming forty separate videos. This was affirmed by one of their old classmates who said he often heard Suprunyuk speaking to a “rich foreign website operator” who had ordered forty snuff videos. “Snuff” is a term for videos that show murders and yes, some people actually pay to watch them. Igor and Viktor’s lawyer’s made a plea of insanity, but it was denied. Judges said that because of how planned out the murders were, taking videos and such, that they were perfectly aware of their actions and not insane. Detective Bogdan Vlasenko stated: "We think they were doing it as a hobby, to have a collection of memories when they get
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