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Dhow Cruise in Dubai

The Dubai Creek is a new a feather to Dubai's tourism industry. It was from here where the city embarked on a path leading to prosperity and growth. Today, it is as busy as any other favorite locations in the city. Dubai’s history is impossible to be written without a reference to the ancient Arabian dhows and the Creek. Thanks to the city that it has preserved its maritime heritage so beautifully.

Even today, the Creek is rolling down the city’s economy with its gamut of water transport system. The old-fashioned dhows that were once used for trading have now become an inseparable part of the tourism industry. The dhows have been the age-old partner of the water body. With time, these water transport systems have refurbished
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Both these factors will decide comfort, luxury, and satisfying experience. There are quite fascinating cruising destinations. Some take 4 hours, while others take nine hours to complete. The Musandam Dibba Tour takes 9 hours. The cruise starts from Dibba Harbor and takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you have envisioned Dubai minus mountains, this trip will make you re-thing. You will pass through tranquil water and majestic mountains to the Musandam Peninsula in Oman. This trip offers you to try fishing, swimming, and snorkeling. The swimming gears and fishing tools and snorkeling equipment are provided by the tour companies.

The Dubai Creek dhow cruise is best to enjoy the towering buildings in its full glory while enjoying a delectable buffet decorated with a wide range of Arabian and continental dishes. For 4 hours, you will be in a world no one would ever want to return. The incredible facilities of the dhow backed with dining and entertainment factors are a must to experience.

Another not-to-miss dhow experience is the dhow cruise Marina. This dhow cruise offers you a vantage point to watch the skyline of Dubai Marina. The glowing lights covering the dhow in and out make visitors feel as if they are attending a big fat wedding. The exotic food and never seen entertainment facilities just take the comfort level to the

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