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8 Best Cruise Port in Japan

Japan is a place of so many wonders. It is full of natural resources. It has many oceans and sea also. Having a large amount of watery condition, Cruise is very common and interesting adventure what can be easily experience in Japan. A Cruise will ideal time spending option for your holiday.
Remember the movie Titanic? You can have a cruise like those which will be full of adventure, excitements, fun and much more then you expect. You can hear the sound of ocean, fell the fresh wind and natural habituate. You can also counter many kinds of sea birds and sea animal floating and flying into the sky. It surely will be a whole new experience and a large package of happiness.
Here is 8 best Cruise Port in Japan from where you can start your own adventure,

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You can have a look and can enjoy the sweet environments of this wonders of Japan. Just like its resources it has so many legends about. If you are a new-comer, then can spends all the nights by hearing the great legends the island has.
The first food I am going to tell you about is traditional one. What is eaten along the Asia reign. It is bowl of rice topped with fresh sea urchin. Just like mentioned earlier it is one of the traditional food of Japan and also known across the Asia. Iki beef is another popular item of this region what you will find very fancy. In this Cruise you will find Gonoura-Cho Shopping Area where you can finish your shopping. Also you can buy various kinds of local products in a local market at a very cheap rate at the Wharf.
Visiting the Iki City Ikikoku Museum will be very interesting part of your Journey as you can observe and can learn many things about the old culture and legends between Japan as well as Iki island which one is much attractive to have a study. It has the Harunotsuji Ruin in where you can find many legendary

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