Cruisin Motor Company Case Study

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Introduction: Cruisin' Motor company is providing tourism and modification of vans Pakistan. It is the 1st company to provide high standard touring and custom facilities in Pakistan. These services are provided in Rawalpindi. Company is targeting the middle and upper class of Pakistan. We are determined to provide save and remember able journey to our tourists as well as quality customization of vans. We are offering different types of Campervans. 1. Need of a new business (Product/service): Tourism is Pakistan is growing every year and customer wants to experience new thing and ideas on their journey, with inflation rate of 5.1% in our country, travelling is getting expensive day by day so we managed to introduce idea of a Touring company which will offer modification or vans as well. As there is no other touring company in Pakistan who is offering campervans in his product line. There is no other car customization company, who is willing to convert a normal touring van into a campervan. Our idea of campervan is unique and never introduced before in tourism. 2. Hindrances that we might face when launching a new business: Company is trying hard to promote tourism in Pakistan. And for that purpose we are advertising our…show more content…
We believe that we can make some profits from our business of Touring and Custom Builds. We are using a small inheritance to fund our business to start up, As an Entrepreneur we are not just start our own business but we are risking our personal wealth to establish it. We will convince our friends from University to form an entrepreneurial team. This team will spread out the risk or new project and also bring different talents and skills. One of our team members has majored in finance and the other has majored in Human resource. In this way we can create a

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