Crulean Warbler Research Paper

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The Cerulean warbler 's scientific name is Dendroica cerulea. They are usually found in the canopy of mature deciduous eastern forests. They are a beautiful small sky-blue warbler. The male 's belly is white, and their sides and back have black streaks on them. Their wings have 2 white wing bars and across the front they have a black line. The female has a back that is a dull turquoise and a crown that is pale blue. Their belly is a yellowish-white. The Cerulean warbler’s diet is made up of insects. Their population is declining quite rapidly in the United States. The male Cerulean warbler sings but the female does not. They migrate at night. They will go to the mountain forests of South America. The female will build her nest using grass, bark, hair and spider webs. If for some reason…show more content…
They will also build their nest under eaves of buildings. The female will lay 3 eggs. They will eat mangoes, papayas, bananas, berries, figs and insects. They will perch in trees and seldom go to the ground. They will go to the ground for fallen fruit. They move around very clumsy when they are on the ground. They are not considered endangered. The black currawong 's scientific name is Strepera fuliginosa. The black currawong is found in Tasmania and near by islands. They like to live in mountain forests, lowland forests, coastal heath, grazing lands and suburbs. The black currawong 's bill is heavy and black. Their body is black and their flight feathers and tail have white tips. The black currawong will stay in the mountains and in the winter they will move down to the lowlands. The black currawong will eat meat such as young birds and carrion. They also eat insects and berries. They will look for food in trees and on the ground. They will build a nest out of sticks that is very large. They will line the nest with roots and grass. They build their nest in trees 3 to 20m off the

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