Crumblebottom Short Story

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In the street of Crumblebottom, inside district 3 of the city of Zareth an orphan with a dirt covered face and rags for clothes hobbles past the rundown buildings looking for any scraps that can sustain him for the day.

To each side of the street are the poor and the homeless. Thievery, begging and prostitution are flourishing in the slums district of the city.

As the young boy walks he sees a piece of scrap bread the size of an index finger in the gutter. little insects are festering on it and a rat scurries past to take a bite. He lunges forward with what little strength he has and fights with the rat over the bread.

The bread breaks and the rat takes a little less than a third, the boy seeing this quickly shoves the other two thirds into his rag trousers and hobbles away.

As the boy
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The boy shocked awake by the presence of another opens his eyes and realises that he is no longer in the street and is inside a house without a roof.

He is unable to look around and talk due to a lack of food and clean water.

“Don’t worry child, it’s almost ready” says the voice.

The boy can smell something; it is not a nice smell similar to the smell of boiled red cabbage. However, to the boy who hasn’t eaten in a long time it is like the scent of a succubus. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was dehydrated, he would be salivating like a hound right now.

“Here” says the voice. The sound of footsteps approach and a shadowy figure in a strange coloured robe appears.

The boy tries to open his mouth and is able to open about an inch from the top to the bottom lip.

The figure descends and the boy is able to see his face. It is an old man. He looks to be in his sixties or seventies, he has deep wrinkles on his face a long white scraggly beard that forms a point at the bottom. His white hair is styled in a top knot and he has two studded ear piercings on his left ear and a nose piercing that makes a hoop from one nostril to the

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