Crusades Advantages And Disadvantages

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Historically, the first crusade commenced in 1095. This happened when Christian armies from Western Europe heed to the plea from the pope to battle Islamic forces based in the Holy Land. Essentially, there have been many debates concerning whether crusades were justifiable in bringing a certain order into the world. At first, the objective of the crusade that begun in 1095 achieved its objective following the Jerusalem capture. Christian invaders set up many Latin Christian States; while Muslim in the region swore to wage war against these Christian invaders. The proponents of these crusades emphasized that the princes saw the great need pertaining to the great services and expenses form their attendants that led to careful and slow preparations…show more content…
The regions within and beyond Syria were among the targets of Christian invaders. The Jihad fought hard against the crusades to preserve their land and possessions. The Muslims were sluggish and reluctant in getting into battle against the Christian Invaders. This explains why they were affected more as evidenced by the number of their people that were slaughtered by the Christian Invaders. The advantages of crusades included: advancement of education, development of technology, spreading of religion, decreased prices, increase of trade, and introduction of new writings art and literature. On the other hand, its disadvantages include: the black death that went on for a span of over 100 years, increase in corruption, wastage of time, and slaughtering of many innocent…show more content…
Writers came to see these crusades as a way that was appointed to rescue Christians form persecution and invasion. In addition, history chronicles down these events that led to the various crusades as a way of dispossessing land that belonged to Christians. One other justification concerning the crusades involved fulfilling spiritual vows to go to a crusade. Well, any war can only be justified as the only last resort for defense when it is clearly demanded of God (When God speaks directly to an individual or people). Therefore, after the war there different opinions were propagated by writers as whether the crusades could be justified or not. Some consider the rescuing of Christians from persecution and invasion as a just cause for war. Nevertheless, crusaders primarily focused on dispossessing or retaking land Muslims. Therefore, crusades had their mark on the books history, and many historians have attempted to justify why they could or could not be justified. However, many historians have a consensus that crusades represent a very dark chapter in the history of Christians containing many evils that were carried out in the name of Christ. The Crusades represent some of the worst episodes in the history of Christians: Christian soldiers slaughtering people in the face of all people. It is estimated that about 3 million people

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