Crusades Influence On American Culture

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Firstly, with the Crusades, people started to trade with each other. “The products of Damascus, Mosul, Alexandria, Cairo, and other great cities were carried across the Mediterranean to the Italian seaports, whence they found their way into all European lands” (Effects of the Crusades). The cities along the coast of the Mediterranean flourished by the exchange of goods. Silks, tapestries, precious stones, perfumes, spices, pearls, and ivory were so enchanting to those Crusaders (Effects of the Crusades). If people didn’t start trading, they could still be in the Middle Ages where Feudalism still existed. Because the society was so segregated, the new ideas and knowledge couldn’t be spread easily, therefore, people were illiterate and couldn’t move forward.…show more content…
The Crusades were like a journey. Christians learned to live in different cultures, which they learned and absorbed. They also shared their own characteristics on these cultures. The Crusades strongly affected the imagination and aspirations of people at the time (Beginning of the Crusades). Cultural blending is quite common nowadays. For example, there are many students from different countries in Delphi. They have different cultures and religions. We not only study the U.S culture but also share our own cultures with each other. As you can see, the Christian Crusades provided a position influence on cultural blending for today’s
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