Cervical Disc Herniation Research Paper

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Cervical Disc diseases refer to various types of diseases that mainly affect the spinal cord as well as the nerve roots around it. These diseases come in many varying symptoms, and a chronic neck pain is one of the symptoms and effects. Cervical disc herniation affects mostly the people in their adult stage, and the pain may persist for months. The main problem, however, is the varying opinions from scientists and medical experts regarding its causes as well as the treatments for the chronic neck pain (Manchikanti, 2010). As such, varying treatments methods, both surgical and non-surgical have been suggested and used to help reduce or eliminate the pain. Some of these treatment
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These techniques are; full-endoscopic posterior foraminotomy versus microsurgical anterior decompression and fusion (Sebastian et al., 2008). The latter is commonly used in case the patient has a radicular arm pain which led to the cervical disc herniation. The former is used as the alternative for the latter when the lateral localization of the patient's pathology. An experiment was carried out on one hundred and seventy-five individuals who had undergone full-endoscopic posterior or a microsurgical anterior cervical discectomy. After the surgery had been conducted, the researchers found that 87.4% of the patients had no more arm pain while only 9.2% reported some occasional pain. They, therefore, concluded that full-endoscopic technique is the most efficient and effective treatments for cervical disc herniation adding that it has given hope to restoring mobility, trauma, and rehabilitation (Sebastian et al.,…show more content…
One of the disorders associated with it is a cervical radicular syndrome. To treat such medical problems, the physicians are recommending and performing surgeries on patients is one of the main techniques used (Arts et al., 2010). However, surgery has some outcomes that could be serious and the physicians and patients should discuss all of them before a choice is made. Some of these outcomes include chances of a Neck Disability Index, pain in the neck as well as the arm, complications, costs after charges, perceived recovery, and anxiety. Some of the surgical techniques that could be used include anterior discectomy with interbody fusion, anterior discectomy with disc prosthesis and anterior discectomy only (Arts et al., 2010).
Cervical disc herniation is a serious disease, and more research should be done to help analyze the most reliable and effective treatment technique, whether surgical or non-surgical. It is essential that patients and physicians consider the complications, outcomes and all the other risks involved in each technique. The causes of cervical disc herniation should also be researched upon so that more natural ways of preventing it can be tested. However, it is essential for one to maintain a good posture while at work, walking and sleeping as well as exercising to keep fit and stretch the muscles and spinal

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