Cry By John Collier: Summary

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Ive lost my brother The meeker family is like Uno, you can’t trust anybody.“Principle, Sam? “You may know principle,Sam, but I know war.(Collier and Collier 21)We may think of the patriots to be the underdogs that won because we didn’t give up. But just like in the book, they killed their own men and raided their own people and left families to die of starvation. “I know, Tim,” he said. “I know. War is never fair..( Collier and Collier 200). war is like boxing, 2 people go in and 1 person comes out.

Sadly in this book there was division of family. In this book many people leave the family. Like when Sam left home to join the war, and when he did that, he basically left left the family. Also the whole family was mad at eachother because
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One clash is Mr. Beach, or the priest and Sam, the fiery young rebel. Sam is yelling at Mr.Beach because Mr.Beach told Sam just to be a tory so he won’t get killed. Another one is Sam and his dad, when his dad is trying to save him from getting killed. Lastly the patriots and the british, The old classic british army vs the new patriots that think they can beat the british. The last thing to talk about is principle vs reality. When Sam talked about freedom, that was principle, but reality was when people die like Mr.Meeker, Jerry Sanford, and Sam die.
Also character, or when everybody stays together. But then Sam left. It also talked about courage, but during most of the book Tim acted scared until the end. Everybody can talk smack until it actually happens.

War is like boxing 2 people go in and 1 person comes out. In this book there were three minor themes, Division of family, Clash of generations, and principle vs reality. This book represented that the true cost of war is all of the themes just said. Even though major character died in this book it was definetly a thriller/cliffhanger book. If one word could describe this whole book, that word would be,
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