Cry The Beloved Country And Things Fall Apart Critical Analysis

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Africa is in fact filled with diverse culture and has an established civilizations with languages, customs, and spirit. Unlike in Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad depicts Africa as it is commonly stereotyped. He views Africa in the point of view of colonizing Europeans; a place that is primitive and deserted and lacks all aspects of a good-natured culture. Africans are portrayed as savages with animal-like features, who are thought of as less than the European. The prejudices made by the Europeans are evident throughout Conrad’s novel, however, two books have counteracted that idea and tried to prove the well developed society that exists all over Africa. Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton and Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, both focus on debunking the stereotypes of Africa. Paton and Achebe both explore the concept that Africa does have culture but are slowly losing it due to the settlement of whites. However, Paton implements the idea of white savior complex which is the idea that only whites can help the blacks regain establishment. As Conrad creates the atmosphere that Africa is seen as limited, in contrast, Paton and Achebe criticize it by...
Joseph Conrad primarily perceives the westerners’ attitudes towards Africans similarly like most Europeans who believe they are higher and more developed. Although the author lightly criticizes the Europeans prejudices against the Natives and tries to make his character moderate of the situation, he still shows signs
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