Cryano De Bergerac Character Analysis Roxane

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In the story of Cryano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand there are many complex characters Roxane being one of the many. Although some claim she is nothing but a love interest it is obvious her character is far more in depth and interesting than she is credited for being. She is a love interest in one sense but also a strong woman and an in depth character who evolves throughout the book. She is aware of what she wants, she is intelligent, and she even shares many traits with the beloved Cyrano.
Roxane is such an intriguing and faithful character since the beginning of the book. She demonstrates her depth and her consciousness of her needs early on when she is describing the one she cares for and says “His face is like yours, burning with spirit and imagination. He is proud and noble and young and fearless and beautiful-”(Act 2, pg. 60) This not only proves she knows what she wants but also that she is strong and does not want to settle for less as she has been approached by many in the past. Although she is mostly consistent with her beliefs, throughout the story she changes and becomes stronger,
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From beginning to end she has made her mark as an intelligent woman. Roxane tricked De Guiche into keeping Christian’s regiment away from battle. She did this by persuading him into thinking it would be a good way to get back at Cyrano. This took a lot of wit. She also proved her intelligence when she convinced the Friar by saying the letter read “The Cardinal's wish is law; albeit. It be to you unwelcome. For this cause I send these lines--to your fair ear addressed--By a holy man, discreet, intelligent: It is our will that you receive from him, In your own house, the marriage.” (Act 3, Scene 10) this cleverness gave her the chance to marry the one she loved most. All in all she is a very clever and witty
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