Steven Polyak's Crypterium System

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What is Crypterium?

Crypterium is a crypto currency banking and management platform. The platforms goal is to provide a complete vertically integrated service including mobile crypto banking, acquiring cryptocurrency, utilizing APIs and third party integrations for easy business payment solutions. They also provide block chain based loans so you can take instant loans anywhere in the world. Their members are experienced digital payment professionals coming from innovative Fintech sectors across Europe, with more than 10 years’ experience developing digital payment solutions.

Steven Polyak is the managing director and is a highly experienced investment banker with focus on USA and Russian capital markets. Austin Kimm is the IR director who
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If you want credit, you just obtain a Crypterium credit currency loan underpinned by a smart contract. You can exchange those CRED tokens into your currency of choice and use your funds. When it is time for repurchase at the end of the loan period, the borrowers repays the loan in CRED tokens by purchasing the tokens from the exchange. Liquidity is guaranteed by Crypterium using its capital to reduce volatility and adjust interest rates, and the obligation to repay loans in CRED will ensure liquidity and demand of the CRED token on cryptocurrency…show more content…
Wide range of crypto currencies and digital assets, not just Bitcoin.
In addition to the standard compatibility with existing payment systems, developing its own settlements infrastructure.
Using payment systems infrastructure for card to card transfer and withdrawal /depositing cash at ATMs, not just online and offline payments.
For buying and selling Cryptocurrency and digital assets, as well as exchanging them with each other to develop a private market.
Loyalty Cash-back program.
Ability to use tokens of any completed audited ICO, where those tokens are traded on public exchanges.
Payment calculations within 3rd party mobile payment services (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, etc.), and not just restricted to virtual or plastic cards.
Compatibility with the payment systems of Asia (the largest Cryptocurrency market in the world) (UnionPay and JCB), not only Visa / MasterCard / American Express.
Protocol solutions for the safe automatic withdrawal from authenticated Cryptocurrency storage and digital assets (e.g. third-party wallets), not just ERC20 standard

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