Cryptographic Techniques: Literature Review

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4 Literature Review 4.1 Utilized cryptographic techniques 4.1.1 Introduction Cryptographic techniques are mathematical techniques which are used in various applications worldwide.The mathematical techniques have been implemented on computer technologies which have been utilized in various domains.The brief overview has been appended to the report in order to obtain clear idea about the research. 4.1.2 Hashing Hashes play a major role in information security where they are used to make sure that transmitted messages have not been altered. First the hash of the message which needs to be send is generated ,encrypted by the sender, and sends the encrypted hash along with the message. The recipient of the message decrypts both the message…show more content…
When each countries are globally being adopted to PKI ,it is very much convenient to identify people globally by their electronic identification cards. Basically regardless of the PKI software has been utilized the National Root Certificates has to be cross signed to mutually accept the trust of each end entities such as citizens globally. In the research the national certification authorities has to be simulated and there are several leading open source PKI softwares are…show more content…
Is developed in Pearl who was chosen for its simplicity and portability based on convention that security is not based in the darkness, so that the code is openly readable. The software provides a web application based interface through Apache web server, which can be used through a browser and allows performing manipulation operations provides the certifying authority: Applications, revocation, search certificates. The configuration of certification authorities in addition performed via a web interface. The application furthermore implements protocols certificate status check both online and offline services publication of certificates.By his nature Open Source, OpenCA provides facilities to modify their functionality according to therequirements of each PKI. In addition, as acknowledged previously configuration process can be customized by the needs of the organization where is

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