Crystal Growth Lab Report

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First, the group was assigned an amount of copper sulfate. Then, one group member measured out the copper sulfate while another member retrieved a beaker; it was filled with water. Both items were taken to the lab counter where a beaker was already placed. The copper sulfate was poured into the beaker. Afterwards, the beaker was placed on the hot plate. A thermometer was also placed in at an angle. After ten minutes the thermometer was adjusted until it was completely straight in the middle of the beaker. Then the hot plate was turned on. One group member monitored the hot plate, while a second group member retrieved a stirring stick to stir in the beaker, this was to help the copper sulfate to dissolve. Two different group members observed what was occurring so that notes could be taken. The final group member retrieved a small crystal, a roll of string, scissors, and two paperclips from the lab table at the front of the room. They brought the items back to a lab table adjacent to the one that the experiment was being conducted at. There the group member cut off string and returned the roll to the front of…show more content…
There were crystals grown from the solution. The process of crystal growth is understood and the temperature of crystal growth was predicted. The hypothesis was correct because crystal growth did occur. This hypothesis could be changed if there was a need to discover the range of temperature crystal growth occurs. Some suggestions for modification include insulating the beaker with paper towels, a cup, or another product. Some changes the group would make would be to prevent the solution from boiling while it is being heated. This, along with the lack of insulation could be what caused only slight crystal growth. Another thing that could have impacted the results was that group members did not have the thermometer placed properly at the beginning of the lab. This inaccurate temperature reading could have caused

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