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I choose the Crystal River State Archaeological State Park in Crystal River , Florida. It is more commonly know as the Indian Burial Mounds. The park itself is in a beautiful location , overlooking the Crystal River on one side and grassy plains on the other side. There is recreational activities in the park as well as the museum. Some of the activities are salt and freshwater fishing , picnicking , bird watching and nature walks. The museum itself features a video about the ancient tribe that once lived there and a collection of artifacts. A few of the artifacts are arrowheads , pottery , jewelry , stone and bone tools. The main attraction of the interior museum is a diorama of a scale model of the site when the Indians lived there . The outside part of the museum is made up of mounds , graves and mysterious stone stele. It is believed that the Chief of the tribe or the Priests lived on top of the mounds while the rest of the tribe lived on the lower part of the village. The reason for this Belief is that most of the jewelry and fancier items were found on top of the mounds . The largest mound , Mound A has exactly fifty steps to the top . Remarkably , only one fourth of the original mound that was made over fourteen-hundred years ago is what is left. Mound H is the other mound and it is still a remarkable sight to see ,as it stands over…show more content…
The main burial spot grew over time , with the addition of other burial complexes , it is believed that between twelve- hundred and fifteen - hundred Indians spend the rest of their lives in these structures. The graves contain a variety of unique artifacts , some of which are made up of copper . The only way they would have been able to have items made from copper is if they had traded with other groups over five-hundred miles

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