Crystals Beach Resort Case Study

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Crystals Beach Resort & Spa CROSSING THE TROULED WATERS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Crystals Beach Resort & Spa is a four-star hotel, located in the east coast of Mauritius, at Palmar and operating since a year now. After its first financial year, the Resort wants to assess its performance and seeks to build on its achievements and improve where necessary, in order to increase its revenue by 20 % to Rs 200 million, by the end of the next financial year. A condition to amortise developmental start-up costs as targeted over the five-year period. This can be achieved by an increase in its visibility combined with an increase in the level of room occupancy. But the owner wants to build a long term relationship with its customers that might help in realising…show more content…
Problem solving will be carried out by identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the Resort. A detailed analysis of each of these elements will help provide objective recommendations on the Hotel growth and expansion strategic plan to safeguard its market share, improve employer-employee relationships and the training and development programmes for its staffs. The analysis will comprise a detailed study of the positioning of the Resort in the local tourism industry sector. The ever growing concern over retaining a stable workforce, the 16% across –the- board rise in salaries and wages recommended by the government to the sector, growing international insecurity amid a continuing depressed world economic climate, all act as reality checks to any conceivable strategic plan, called upon to ensure competitiveness, profitability and above all…show more content…
This means that any questionnaire devised to carry out using both quantitative and qualitative methods, should refer to observations made above.Quantitative method uses questionnaire surveys, secondary sources and observation, and conclusions based on figures while qualitative researchmay involve countsobservation, informal and in-depth interviewing and participant observation concluded in narrative words. The main purpose of the research is to evaluate the current level of service provided and determine ways to bring in improvements and identify the factors that can help increase the length of stay in the Hotel by implementing effective policies of customer satisfaction and loyalty and eventually whether or not customerswill return to the Hotel or advise it to other tourists. The primary data are collected through in-depth interviews with the hotel’s staff, managers and clients, while secondary data are collected through literature on marketing, tourism and hospitality management. Statistics are obtained from relevant authorities while government policy papers defining the vision for the industry are valuable information for elaboration of any market

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