Crystalville's Narrative Fiction

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Long ago in a valley called Crystalville there lived a girl named Abigail. She was young, about the age of twelve, brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes. She lived with her father Klaus, and her mother Lucy. Crystalville was on an island close to the Pacific Ocean, the sun would roar with sunlight, and you can hear the waves of the ocean, as if you were hearing from the inside of a sea shell . Abigail 's home was close to the Pacific Ocean almost on the border of Crystalville. Abigail 's father loved to fish, he would always catch enough fish, to feed his family.
Every night before Abigail went to bed, he father would tell her bedtime stories. Abigail absolutely loved it it when her father told her stories. But there was one story, that
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“Sweetie, time to wake up.” Pretending to be asleep, Abigail “woke up” and looked at her father. Silently, Klaus closed the door. Abigail got up, dressed in her fishing uniform, which was a plain shirt made out of string that her mother gave her, and a pair of ripped, cream colored leggings made out of leather, and a pair of ripped brown boots. When she finished getting dressed, she went to the kitchen, and Lucy prepared breakfast. Abigail devoured her eggs and juicy bacon filled with grease, and behind their house, they have a little red barn that posses chickens, pigs, cows, and roosters . Every morning Abigail feeds the Animals they have. When Abigail finished, she prepared everything, to go fishing with her…show more content…
They got on the ship, and were heading to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Abigail was sitting on the side of the boat, you can hear the wood creak of the oldness, but that did not matter to Abagail. She loved to listen to the soft whispers if the waves, and the chirps of the birds. Abigail was listening, when she saw something, she didn’t know what it was. At first she thought it was a whale, but she could not comprehend, then she realized it was white, and it had a white fin, as white as snow. Abigail thought to herself, and wondered what it could be, and then it hit her. It was Betty! She couldn’t tell her dad, because then, her dad would try to capture Betty. She couldn’t tell the shark hunter, because then he would try and kill Betty. So she kept it to herself. She was petrified of what she saw, and did not know what to
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