Cs 1101 Unit 1 Reflection

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It’s already the second week of CS 1101 and I am super excited. This is actually the first course I have taken that is mandatory for my program. This week, I wanted to make sure that I stayed focus so that I can understand the materials correctly because it will be very important in my future. On Thursday evening after work, I started off by going through the Learning Guide as usual, and then reading the Introduction to Unit 2, just so I could get an idea as to what the rest of my week would be like. After going through the Learning Guide for Unit 2, there was a checklist at the end, so I was well aware of the task that I had to accomplish before the ending of the week.

The first task on my checklist was “Read the Learning Guide and Reading Assignments”. Since I already went through the Learning Journal, then the next task was to complete my reading assignments, which I normally do on Fridays.
Fridays are normally my days off from work, so I take this time to complete as many assignments as I can. This week, there were two main reading assignments and two optional video lectures. The first one I read was from the text ‘In Think Python, How to Think Like a Computer
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This week, there was no Discussion Assignment. I thought there was a technical error or that the instructor forgot to update the tasks for Unit 2, but before I could send him an email, he notified the class that there was in fact NO Discussion for Unit 2. He took the time out to clear things up and he said that it was in consideration of the fact that we had our first programming assignment to complete that he decided not to give us a Discussion Assignment. While I may have the time to do all tasks plus a Discussion assignment, others may not and I believe that consideration is a characteristic other instructors at UoPeople should

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