Cs Lewis Book 2 Analysis

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God manifests himself in what Christians regard as true and in our daily actions. C.S Lewis outlines in Book Two of Mere Christianity what we, as Christians, believe and why we have come to these conclusions. He explains opposition to Christianity and how we must quell the outbursts of non-believers. Using succinct and simple language he not only legitimizes God’s existence but His effect on humanity. In the first subcategory of Book Two, Lewis discusses his conversion from atheism to Christianity and how it relates to his worldview. When he was an atheist he convinced himself that he was smarter than the majority of the world. This was debilitating and caused him to have a narrow outlook on existence as he could only see one side of the question…show more content…
He implores that, “Now, today, this moment, is our chance to choose the right side. God is holding back to give us that chance. It will not last forever. We must take it or leave it.” (Lewis, 65) Having read Book Two, we as readers now have the knowledge we need to know of God. Therefore we must either choose to accept or reject the idea of Him and either become a member of the Christian faith or not. We now possess knowledge of God and His gifts to us as humanity and are also aware of the steps needed to be taken in order to be saved. We can no longer use the excuse of ignorance to God. He also bestowed us with our own free will in order to love him and follow Him on our own, as He only wants moral and honest people as his followers. Throughout Book Two C.S. Lewis argues his belief in God. By relating his conceptual ideas to reality, evidenced by the existence of free will, he draws in the common folk to be educated in the teachings of God. He allows for the understanding of God’s existence and his influences on our civilization to be accessible to even the most stubborn of non-believers. Lewis eloquently explains his beliefs in a brief and enlightening manner, making Book Two informing and interesting to
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