Cs Lewis Heaven And Hell Analysis

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According to C.S. Lewis heaven and hell are very different because from the way that we see the world. In the book he talks to different people who all have different views of what they think heaven and hell are like. For example, the tousle headed poet who says that society has vulgarized intellect. He says that they don’t want new geniuses because intellectuals aren’t appreciated anymore. He also goes into detail about how his parents never appreciated him and how a former girlfriend hurt him. I believe he includes this information to show us why he has the point of view he has on what heaven and hell are like and why he is on the bus. According to C.S. Lewis heaven has these mountains that to get to them you have to turn into something first. He also shows…show more content…
It is even discussed in the book that maybe Heaven and hell is just a mindset. When this is mentioned the teacher says to never say that heaven is a mindset because heaven is very real. However, hell is definitely a mindset because the way we think about things and our perceptions can dictate whether or not we believe where we are in heaven or hell. In the book it’s discussed that when we are in purgatory we may believe that it is hell because we have a negative attitude and that is just how we perceive it even though it technically isn’t hell. In the book we also see that when the ghost gets to heaven they only start to appear when they are regaining their faith in god. I think this is something that really conveys the message that you aren’t whole until you have a steady relationship with god. I think it was a very poetic way of describing that transformation. When the woman is talking about Robert it seems as though she doesn’t realize that she stole his passion and used him to make money to make her happy and that she was making him miserable because he never asked for any of her assistance she just went ahead and did it for the earthly property of
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