Csi Competency Statement 2

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CSI COMPETENCY STATEMENT II To promote physical and psychological reasoning As a provider, I will utilize a program that will facilitate the physical, cognitive, grammar structure, and creative aptitudes of infant/pre-schoolers. The implementation of activities and various resources encourage the "oneness" of a child. Through the timely and suitable learning strategies of the four Functional Areas below, I will collectively demonstrate my ability to meet Standard II. Physical: Activities and age appropriate material will be instituted to encourage the child 's fine and gross motor skills. A broad spectrum of tasks, challenges, and curriculum will be introduced. Larger motor skills are developed through strength exercises including, but…show more content…
Props and creative thinking materials like clay and finger painting are among the few activities we will explore through a creative prism. CS II a: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Musical - This activity helps the development of fine and gross motor skills such as hand-eye coordination,balance, bodily awareness, brain and language development. CS II b: Age appropriate puzzle and matching games- These activity enable children to think collectively with their peers. It encourages cooperation and team-work. It allows children whom are more reclusive to move forward through sound participation. CS II c: Wordless books- This activity helps infants/ preschoolers to start from the beginning, understanding basic story structure. In addition, this task would require them to use more of their creativity and imagination. They would then have to concentration to predict the outcome of the book in which they would to start identify the story in sequence from beginning , middle and end of the book. CS II d: My setting would be of sound/organized environment. Cultural activities and festivities are accentuated. Daily word/picture challenges and language/grammar are promoted throughout our daily
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