Cesim Sim Marketing Strategy

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The strategy for our company in this game or round was a penetration strategy which means we are going to lower the prices to attract more customers in both market Europe and Asia. Also, this strategy we are going to promote our product (smart phone) in both markets to gain and increase our market share and create a brand in the both markets.
In round 2, we planned to open second product, the first smart phone we name to Sky, it was available in Europe and Asia market. We hoped that the names of our product may attract people and be curious about it, but in this round we sell only Sky phone to the European and Asian market. Furthermore, we invest more in R&D, in two area’s compactness and battery life more than the previous round. What’s more, we increased the features in our product which contained four features such as photo/video, extra memory, premium display and navigation, so they can meet customer need and wants.
This round turn to be a success for our company, we won the second place, but SAMMA mobile company was the first in ratios. Following
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Especially in a region like Asia and Europe. We able to know how to operate our business of selling cell phones " Orange company" in a proper way due to having the experience of running the business in the past in the Simulation game. It gave us the idea how to manage the business and helped us to improve our skills, abilities, strategies, products and other things in a business. Also, it helped us to know that there are different departments in our company such as a department of the Market, a department of the products, Customer care, and R&D. There is a possibility that maybe if one department is not available in a company it can impact badly on the whole business. So, without having them the business cannot move in a right direction and in an effective

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