CSR Summary

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Ekta (2014) found an upward shift in the CSR trend in terms of awareness and initiatives practiced by the business organizations. He advocated that business practices in this era created so many damages to the society and environment which make the business to solve the problems created by them. Thus businesses should consider CSR as an important activity. The authors studied the different aspects of classification of CSR, outcomes that they get out of CSR, current scenario of CSR in India and Corporate Social Responsibility as a top driven approach. The CSR activities were found to have a positive impact on the society as well as corporate image. Even the government enforces the businesses to act more responsibly in some aspect with a view to doing something good. The authors…show more content…
The sample was drawn from SMEs operating in Colombia. The data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire which was collected online from 54 SMEs, interviews with five opinion leaders. Two representatives of Small and Medium Enterprises were asked to analyze the activities taken by them, motivations behind CSR, decision making in CSR, stakeholders, the way CSR was communicated, allocation of resources to CSR, benefits of doing CSR and the evaluation of the CSR performance of the Colombian SMEs. The CSR practices were informal in nature internally and the external CSR was influenced by culture and other aspects of the society. The most important stakeholders were customers, employees, and shareholders. Colombian culture emphasis more on interpersonal relationships and the results displayed that in its findings. The SMEs feel that organization culture would be improved, employees could be attracted and maintained, reputation could be improved and customer loyalty will be increased by practicing CSR
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