Ctenophora Lab Report

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In this section, I will break down the experiment and its materials. I will start with prepping the materials and then go into the methods and step by step instructions on how the experiment was performed and finally concluding with some key points that ensure the data is not skewed because of outside variables.

To collect the Ctenophora one needs to have a device that allows collection with out influencing the behavior of the animals or water too much. For this experiment I used a Plastic Canvas, a (insert material here) bucket, plastic container, and yarn. To set up the bucket for collecting, I cut out a circle, with a Diameter of 4 inches, on the bottom of the bucket and placed the plastic canvas down to cover the hole. I used waterproof hot glue to hold it in place and then reinforced it by sewing the canvas into the bottom of the bucket. After the glue had cooled I tested the strength and hold. I took a bucket full of water, sand, and rocks and lifted it out of the water to see if the glue and stitching would hold. This ensured that no matter how many comb jellies are in the bucket the bottom would not come off. After the bucket was tested I secured multiple lines of yarn to the bucket and did the same test seeing if the yarn would break. After the set up was checked and tested multiple times for strength and hold it was then used for
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Once at Fort Wetherill in James town a full analysis of the whether and tide was taken. The temperature was measured using a standard thermometer of both the water and air. In addition, cloud coverage, wind, water distance from cliff edge, and past days whether was recorded. To measure the water distance from the cliff edge I took a rock and tied it to the end of a rope and lowered it until it hit the water when the top crest of a wave hit and when the bottom crest of a wave

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